In just four short months, “WDTS” Catholic articles gathered tens of thousands of views. Here are the best of the best.

9. What is the Battle Modern Catholic Men Face?

Hands Praying on BibleWhat is the true measure of a man? What battles do men face in today’s society? A myriad of different ideas bombard men about what true manhood is. The true battle is the spiritual war against Satan and all evil.

8. De-Mystifying the Rosary: How to Pray with Mary

A Rosary on a BibleThe rosary is one of the misunderstood prayers in the Catholic Church. Explore this guide through the process, the reasoning behind it, and strategies for praying it. Plus, the rosary is an easy way to meditate on the entire life of Jesus Christ.

7. Send Me Flowers: How I Found Hope in Depression

Altar of Repose "San Antonio Parish" by Percy Sledge Agbunag Carballo
Altar of Repose “San Antonio Parish” by Percy Sledge Agbunag Carballo

Nothing can stop Christ’s love. Weighed down by depression, Kaitlyn found her best consolation in the Eucharist. By spending time with Jesus in adoration, praying and trusting in Him despite her struggles, she found the peace and reassurance we all seek.

6. What You Can Do Today to Become a Great Saint

The Anunciation by Fra Angelico (ca. 1450)Becoming a saint seems daunting at first. In reality, the path to sainthood begins with small acts of love. The key is to trust in God and never stop striving to love Him and your neighbors.

5. How A Protestant Found Grace In The Catholic Church

Catholic Church CathedralA former Protestant details his encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist in this dramatic conversion story. Faced with John 6 and the writings of the early Church Fathers, he followed God’s call to full communion with the Catholic Church.

4. 6 Great Ways to Ignore God’s Plan for Your Life

Papers EverywhereGod loves you and has a plan for your life that will bring peace and joy. But what if you want to box out God from your life and roll the dice? Here are some strategies.

3. How I Met My Future Husbands, AKA Every Guy Ever

Couple's LegsSometimes we daydream too much about other people. What happens, though, when daydreams take over and interfere with truly loving others? Living a pure life not only involves physical chastity, but also emotional chastity. We must be loving both with our minds and bodies.

2. Guess Who’s Catholic: 20 Unlikely American Converts

Easter Vigil Mass by Prayitno
Easter Vigil Mass by Prayitno

Many American conversions have gone unnoticed. Whether it be “Jane Roe” from Roe v. Wade or even John Wayne himself, you may be surprised at their stories.

1. Top 25 Saints Under 25 – Heaven Has No Age Limit

Young WomanFrom an 11 year old girl who forgave her murderer to the youngest Doctor of the Church ever, there are plenty of examples of young saints. Follow in their footsteps: the best time to become a saint is right now.

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